​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Shanti(san'ti) Peace and┬ácontentment through body, mind and soul

  1. $ 1, 300 Saraswati
    As a Birth Doula, I provide support and assistance to families in the weeks and months prior to birth. During this time I am available to actively assist in creating a birth plan, discuss fears, concerns, and attend labor and delivery in it's entirety. In the first few hours after the birth I provide comfort and relief to the mother while simultaneously providing encouragement and guidance to the family.
    Birth Doula
  2. $ 35 per hour(daytime) $ 65 per hour(overnight) $500 Babymoon
    As a Postpartum doula, I provide in home assistance in the weeks or months following the birth or adoption of a new child. I am present to facilitate the transition and fill in any gaps to ensure support. I educate in parenting styles, bonding practices, breast or bottle feeding and safe handling techniques to keep your baby safe and happy while other family members feel supported and loved.
    Postpartum Doula
  3. $ 65 per hour
    Want to learn more about the 8 limbs of yoga or simply deepen your own personal yoga practice? Private and group sessions are avaiable for you and those you love. Prenatal Restorative Hatha Flow
    Yoga Instruction
  4. $ 35 per hour
    Learn more about your body, how it prefers to move and undo past patterning through various styles of movement. Somatic Flow Therapeutic Movement Improvisation
    Somatic Instruction
  5. $150 per session
    In-home consultations ensure you are prepared for any phase of life. I will educate you on the possibilities to make empowered, educated choices that are sustainable for anyone. Labor & Birth Preparation Postpartum Transition Education Personal Health Management
    Consultation & Education